Propane vs. Electric Smoker By Consumer Reports – Which One Should We Buy?

Propane vs. Electric Smokers

Out of many different types of smokers, charcoal, propane, and electric are the most in use. You are here reading this indicates your choice has narrowed down to a propane smoker or an electric smoker.

Customers have shown a tendency to purchase other machines that do not operate by coal. The waste of time and effort is the cost of fiddling with charcoal. While propane and electric smokers renovated those flaws.

Propane vs. Electric Smoker – Which One Should We Buy? will break down the pros and cons of these two machines that you do not want to ignore.

Propane vs. Electric Smoker – A Thorough Comparison

Propane smoker Quickview

Propane Smoker

Gas smokers mostly consist of a tank filled with propane, sometimes filled with natural gas, as the main source of heat. At the bottom of the smoker, there is a burner to fire the fuel and a shelf for putting wood. 

Cooking with wood enhances the original taste and, of course, the meal will be more delicious than usual. 

Propane smokers have typically been used in barbecue parties to bring out the best flavor of the dishes.

Outstanding features

Out of many primary factors, let’s analyze some additional features that may help with your shopping. 

  • Price

It can be denied that propane smokers are fairly cheap compared to other types in the smoker market. This useful device can save you a lot of money spent on installation maintenance due to its simple setting. And propane ones are easy to shop for.

  • Flexibility

The design of a propane smoker has double and single doors. These doors provide a certain flexibility and can be moved upward to make a 450-degree angle that you can adjust the fire that makes the best savor.

Pros and cons

Since nothing is perfect, propane units also have their pros and cons. Here is some quick information for you to refer to.


  • Suitable for camping
  • Ease of use and installation
  • No need for electricity


  • Temperature adjusted feature not included
  • Undesired weather conditions can affect the food’s taste
  • No high-end technology

Electric smoker Quickview

Electric smokers, of course using electricity, have produced heat which is hot enough to cook your meal. The food cooked by electric smokers gets the best taste beyond one’s imagination because of the added smoke, commented by the most.

Outstanding features

What makes electric smokers more popular than others? Here are some prominent characteristics that you should notice.

  • Capacity

How much food did you cook at the most? For 20 servings? 30 servings? Do not worry! Most electric smokers are quite commodious, 500 to 700 square inches, which is adequate to serve for a dozen-people barbecue. Their sizes even range from 700 to 1000 square inches for bigger servings!

  • Portability

Nowadays, electric smokers are equipped with wheels and a strong armrest in case you are likely to translocate your smoker from the garage to the cooking area, with a long-cord outlet.

Besides, the majority of models are designed with lightweight materials that are easier to move than propane smokers.

Interior lightweight material 

  • Controls

Like many modern appliances, a wide variety of digital control buttons are set on the top of the machine. It not only contains simple functions, like temperature and time setting, but also advanced functions like Wi-fi connectivity for working remotely, turning the interior light on and off, and keeping an eye on the internal temperature.

Pros and cons

No devices are flawless. So let’s take a glance at some pros and cons of electric smokers!


  • Automatic temperature control 
  • Safe combustible materials


  • Longer cooking time due to the low heat
  • Complex and quite costly maintenance

Propane vs. electric smoker – Which is the better one?

Selecting between a propane smoker or an electric smoker is up to what you focus most.

There are many features that you can consider to come to the final decision such as temperature range; ease of use and appeal to the beginners; heating time; taste, flavor, smokiness; running and operating costs; weather considerations; cold smoking; cleaning and maintenance; portability and mobility; etc.

If you prefer a BBQ party outside, under the sun with your family, you should buy a propane smoker, due to its affordable price and decent quality.

If you are busy and want to have some quick, automatic items in your modern house, do not hesitate to go for an electric smoker with big capacity and high-end technology. 

To wrap up

Propane vs. Electric Smoker – Which One Should We Buy? has listed some highlight information about the two machines. Some disadvantages of propane smokers are the advantages of electric smokers, and vice versa. So think about what you prefer and choose accordingly.

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