Rec Tec vs Traeger – Which One Is The Best Pellet Grill By Consumer Reports?

From BBQ to seafood, any cuisine can be served phenomenally using a pellet grill. No one can deny that investing in a pellet grill is one of the smartest choices when shopping for kitchen tools, as it brings out the incredible smoky flavor in dishes. Contrary to how useful it is, it may be challenging for customers to buy the pellet grill that suits them most. 

But don’t worry, once you have come to this post, you are doing the right thing. Today, we will scale two of the best pellet grill brands: Rec Tec vs Traeger. By studying these two brands deeply in many aspects, we will find out which brand is the better choice for pellet grill—excited enough? Then, let’s go!

Rec Tec vs Traeger

Rec Tec vs Traeger


Pellet grills from these two brands look quite similar to each other. They both have a black outlook with robust-looking tools. The only difference here is that the Traeger pellet grill is slightly larger than Rec Tec. However, this characteristic cannot define which one is the better pellet grill. 

If you have a big backyard and want to throw a big party, then the pellet from Traeger may satisfy the great demand for food. On the other hand, if you wish to have a small gathering between family or friends only, then a clean, small pellet grill like Rec Tec will do the job much better while saving some space.


Cooking Surface Area

If you are looking for a variety of cooking space options, Traeger is the brand to reach for as the manufacturers allow their customers to have a cooking space that is up to 300 square inches. 

Rec Tec, on the other hand, is not diversified about cooking space choices. To make up for this weakness, the manufacturer offers a wider range of products with grills varied in size. Hence, it is up to you whether you want numerous grill sizes or a lot of pellet grills with different dimensions.


When you cook with a pellet grill, you can leave it in one spot or move it around. Yet, if you’re the sort of person who likes carrying the food around, barbecue versatility plays a huge role in deciding which brand offers the better pellet grill. 

Rec Tec appearance is quite clumsy because of its numerous details, so it will take you quite a lot of effort to get the device going around. When it comes to transportability, Rec Tec pellet grill cannot be the number one candidate. 

On the other hand, Traeger’s design is more straightforward. You can move around with a Traeger pellet grill with ease as it comes with two handles. They have a line of barbecues explicitly intended for versatility. 

Custom features

When it comes to custom highlights, customers can detect the competitive tension between these two brands as they offer numerous custom features in their pellet grills. 

One of the shared highlights is the WiFi network installed in the grill. This feature differentiates both Traeger and Rec Tec from the best brands on the market. Purchasing these brands’ barbecue grills will allow you to control and screen your flame broil from your telephone effectively. 

Regarding different highlights, Traeger offers additional items for barbecue covers, pellet sensors, collapsing front racks, and considerably more. 

Rec Tec offers a comparative set-up of additional items, including extra retires to burning units to top of the line covers, and inherent meat test thermometers. 


One of the most significant motivations to purchase from a reputable brand is the maker’s guarantee. The presence of a warranty is a solid sign to the client that the brand remains behind their item’s nature. 

As irrational as it would appear, the brands with the best guarantees are regularly the ones with minimal measure of issues with their items. 

With regards to guarantees, Rec Tec and Traeger fundamentally offer the same time phase. The length of the guarantee changes by item, yet the costly Rec Tec units are secured by six years warranty, while Traeger barbecues are commonly under three years warranty.

Which one is better?

This battle has made us so frustrated when picking the winner. No one can deny that Rec Tec and Traeger, both brands make incredibly great pellet flame broils. However, in the end, the winner is Rec Tec as for its more powerful innovation, telephone application, and highlights. 

To reemphasize, Traeger is an extraordinarily respected brand, and you can’t turn out badly with any of their flame broils.


And that’s the result of the showdown between Rec Tec vs Traeger. We hope you find this comparison useful when you consider buying a pellet grill for your backyard fun. Enjoy the smoky, grilled food, and we will see you soon!

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