Wood Pellets vs. Wood Chips By Consumer Reports: Best Choice For Smoking And Grilling

You may be confused about choosing which type of wood would be best for your smoking and grilling purposes. You may find it hard to choose between wood pellets vs. wood chips after hearing useless wall-of-text advice.

In this post, I will give you some information to state the specific features of both wood chips and wood pellets that are suitable to grill your food.

Wood Pellets vs. Wood Chips: An Overview

We will first discover both wood chips and wood pellets backgrounds to see the big picture of them before choosing which are the best for smoking and grilling at your BBQ party.

Wood Pellets 

By beating the hardwood into small pieces and compressing them into the capsule shape, they get wood pellets.

The first thing you will know once you’re at the store is that wood pellets’ price is regularly cheap. Also, hardwood used to make wood pellets is a type of reusable wood. And that is a contribution to the conservation of the global environment.

Characteristics of Wood Pellets and When to Use Them

Some types of wood pellets have various blended flavors that offer you endless smoky flavor options. Here are some flavors that you may think about: alder, apple, cherry, hickory, maple, mesquite, oak, pecan, walnut, etc.

If you intend to grill some steaks for your Barbeque party, remember to find and buy the wood pellets with mesquite flavor. This kind of flavor is highly recommended to use for red meat by well-known chefs around the world.

For smoking meats, wood pellets are an ideal option. They smoke more evenly, last longer, and burn hotter than wood chips, making your smoked dishes not take more time.

If you are preparing for smoking steak, I will highly recommend the wood pellets to use. Because of their long-lasting burn, hot temperature, and even smoke level, wood pellets will help you perfectly grill your meat with a delicious flavor.

Besides, since high-quality wood pellets create slow burn and a high smoke level like a little smokehouse, they are suitable for cold-smoking. 

Cold smoking the meat with wood pellets in a pellets tube is one of the popular methods in many outdoor BBQ parties. But before cold smoking the steaks, you have to activate the smokey burn for 3 to 5 hours by inflaming the wood pellets in the pellet tube.

Wood Chips 

After drying out the wood bar in specific moisture content, manufacturers usually cut wood into small pieces. The seasoned firewood has a moisture level of not more than twenty percent for the best use. 

Don’t be surprised if you see some kinds of wood chips that are dark brown. You may think it’s wet and inflammable because of its color.But don’t worry, it’s just the difference in moisture level of these types.

Characteristics of Wood Chips and When to Use Them

Because of being dried out at a suitable moisture content, wood chips can burn out more quickly than wood pellets. Hence, wood chips can create smoke rapidly and let the smoky flavor absorb into your food intensively. 

Besides using wood chips with the traditional smoker, manufacturers have produced many types of electric and propane smokers. You can adjust the temperature with these modern smokers to quickly burn the wood.  

Also, there is a tip for you. A charcoal briquette will be perfectly suitable to use with the wood chips. Why is that? Because the charcoal smoke and wood chips smoke will combine flawlessly and create a mouthful and unique flavor for your dishes.

However, your food will taste a little bitter than using wood pallets.

Last Word

I hope you will quickly make your own decision about choosing between wood pellets vs. wood chips based on my advice. You can select any kind of wood for your BBQ meals, but it’s advisable to consider your cooking style and the desired recipes to come up with the best choice.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and share about your experiences. Have a nice day!

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